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Building a New Community: Tales of Making the Move from AAA Publisher to Indie VR Developer

15:30 - 16:00

These days, building your community is as big a consideration as building your game.  nDreams has been making VR games since the launch of the Oculus platform, but the team’s roots go back even further…to the days of the social gaming platform PlayStation Home. nDreams has been working hard to blend their experience in social and VR gaming in order to build communities for their games Shooty Fruity and Bloody Zombies. Now they want to share their successes and their missteps.

In particular, this session will focus on the following key points:

  • The challenges of moving from AAA to mid-size indie and what I’ve learned along the way.
  • Influencers – how to find them and leverage their reach or establish a relationship with micro influencers
  • Developers – how to support the community team working on your title, including features in-game, e.g. ability to stream, spectator mode, UI settings for streamers or content creators, photo mode (shareable content)
  • Events – education and how to make sure the consumer has the best possible experience

The attendees will leave having a better understanding on how to engage the VR community from the top down. The session will give attendees real-world examples from the nDreams team.


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