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VR Content: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

16:15 - 16:45

I’ll be talking about gaming and non-gaming VR content and where I see the future of VR going, as well as where we’ve been and what I’ve seen from a POV of a (non-technical) newbie to VR enthusiast. Key points:

Where we’ve been for VR content:
– Lot’s of passive experiences
– This has led to some nausea due to a sensory conflict
– Mobile and Dev Kit content similiar to begin with

Where we are right now:
– Games driving the industry forward
– Developers starting to make money
– Still a problem of cost vs immersion and it’s affecting consumer adoption

Where we are going:
– Wireless headsets
– Volumetric 360 capture
– Non-gaming content

– VR Content is more than just games as we are already seeing
– We will need certain things to happen to take VR forward
– We’ve come so far in a short space of time, the future of VRAR is promising


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