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VR and Moral Panic

14:00 - 14:30

The unexpected fear factor that can make or break your VR’s journey into mainstream culture
You’ve spent years building your latest VR product; developing it into something you think will be of huge value to your customers lives. You and your team are brimming with hope and hype. However, as we have all seen with video games, new forms of media can sometimes trigger sensationalised fear and worry from the mass media and then, the public – a phenomena that sociologists describe as ‘moral panic’. We’ve seen it before with technology ranging from the telegram to the telephone to television; essentially, if a new form of media changes our relationship with time, space and each other, then the conditions for moral panic are ripe. VR is the perfect moral panic case study, as we are seeing this phenomena begin to happen in front of our eyes. Using VR as a reference point, Catherine will demonstrate how the knowledge of a new technology’s very existence can bring out society’s deep down hopes and fears about humanity’s future.


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