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Andrew Willans

Lead Game Designer

Andrew Willans joined CCP Games as Lead Game Designer for EVE: Valkyrie in the spring of 2015. “From the second I was first launched into space in EVE: Valkyrie, at GDC in 2013, VR left my jaw on the floor. I’ve been obsessed with the concept of player immersion for years and now the hardware has evolved to a standard where delivering such powerful and believable fantasy is achievable. Being a game designer at the dawn of this new era is incredibly exciting, we’re writing the rulebook for the imminent arrival of the real next generation.” Before joining CCP, Andrew worked for Ubisoft for nearly 7 years. His previous projects include Driver San Francisco, Watch_Dogs, The Crew, Grow Home, and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Andrew Willans will be speaking at:

Pioneers in the Desert – The Reality of Developing for Virtual Reality

2017/11/09 10:30 - 11:00

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