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Dr Keith Grimes

General Practitioner and Digital Healthcare Innovator

Keith is a  UK based General Practitioner and Digital Healthcare Innovator. A keen enthusiast of Virtual and Augmented Reality, his experience of using Samsung Gear VR with his patients led to him forming VR DOCTORS; a forum for developers, patients and clinicians to explore this new field. His abiding passions are Digital Health, Innovation and Technology. He has  been involved in the creation and delivery of innovative clinical services such as the award nominated Roving GP service in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex. More recently he has worked with the Digital Health and Care Institute, NHS Fife, and Glasgow Caledonian University on the award winning MyLittleOne (MLO), a neonatal intensive care camera/tablet system.

Keith is a strong believer in the ability of IM&T to not only support and augment the delivery of Healthcare in its current form, but also in the need to radically review existing structures and perceptions of how care can be delivered globally.

Dr Keith Grimes will be speaking at:

Healing & Caring in Virtual Worlds

2016/12/01 15:00 - 15:30

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