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Kevin Rampersad

Research Manager

Kevin is a Research Manager in the Digital Engineering and Test Centre (APC Spoke). He has a first class BEng (Hons) in Manufacturing Systems Engineering and a PhD in The Rapid Design of Simulation models using Cladistics and template based modelling. Kevin is currently adapting techniques from the digital entertainment industry for use with advance propulsion and power-train systems. He uses CAD data collected from manufacturers to design and create 3D virtual factories as well as new 3D PDF simulation and applications. He has previously worked with industry experts from both business and academia to develop a comprehensive roadmap for Digital Engineering and Test which encompasses all aspects of Virtual Engineering and Augmented Reality. Kevin also works closely with OEM and supply chain partners to disseminate new technological advancements to the wider manufacturing sector through extended customer outreach programs

Kevin Rampersad will be speaking at:

Serious VR – Making Real Money

2017/11/09 12:45 - 13:15

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