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Will Freeman

Journalist and Author

Will Freeman is a freelance video game journalist and author. He has written about games, their design, culture, industry and technology for over a decade, contributing to national newspapers, the specialist and consumer press, and trade publications, from The Guardian and Edge to Kotaku and Develop. While Will has written about every aspect of the gaming medium throughout that time, he has often specialised in writing for a game industry audience, covering creative practice, technology, development trends and the business and ecosystem of game development. He also serves as a game script editor, speaker, event curator, critic, awards judge, researcher and mentor in the game sector, and brings a lifelong passion for the form and its potential to his writing. An author of a book on Raspberry Pi computing, Will can often be found reaching into an arcade cabinet with a soldering iron.

Will Freeman will be speaking at:

Takeaways from The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and How Next Games Aims to Build a New The Walking Dead AR Game on That Knowledge

2017/11/09 14:00 - 14:30

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